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An Imperfect List of Completed Projects and Roles:

Here's a sampling of roles, projects and campaigns which I have voiced. You'll also find video, audio and examples of other completed projects to my LinkedIn Profile, my Jim Edgar Voices Facebook page, I've also aggregated a few videos over on youtube (moving stuff from here actually - a slightly slower process than planned...),@JimEdgarVoices on Instagram, and through my @JimEdgarVoices twitter stream.

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A short sampler for animation and videogame characters -

Helheim Hassle videogame from the folks at Perfectly Paranormal

Multiple Roles
Helheim Hassle

From the slightly twisted minds of the amazing creatives at Perfectly Paranormal,this adventure videogame brings together Nordic lore and rock and roll (among many other influences...). As you make your way through the levels, you'll run into Brokk and the Draug, as well as a series of Stones which I was honored to bring to life.

Helheim Hassle - my roles

California Boater's Card Informational Videos

California Boater's Card process

The state of California now requires training before operating a boat or watercraft. This series of informational web videos helps to explain the process.

30 Years of the Blue Bomber: The History of Megaman

English translation for Producer
IGN Presents 30 Years of Megaman

I was honored to provide the English voiceover for Kazuhiro Tsuchiya - the producer of the new Mega Man game - Mega Man 11. Watch the full video here.

James Allen Insurance

Narrator/Storyteller for series of statewide radio advertisements


Narrator for this service rollout video

Medical IVR Training Technology

Narrator for this advanced surgery training system.

UB Tech Stormtrooper Robot and Interactive App

Another Stormtrooper!
UB-Tech Stormtrooper

This interactive robot uses facial recognition to secure your perimeter, and follows your commands for missions.

Hallmark "Peakbuster Ornament" Star Wars Stormtrooper Star Wars Stormtrooper Peakbuster Ornament

Stormtrooper Peakbuster Ornament

Yes, that voice ordering you away from the presents was mine. When this Christmas ornament senses movement near the gifts, the Stormtrooper gives a series of warning messages.

Deadwood Mansion - Escape Room Challenge

"Dr. Houser" / "Captain Thorn" Deadwood Mansion

All is not as it seems at Deadwood Mansion. I voice both the squad leader, Captain Thorn and the gloriously unhinged Dr. Houser. Will you and your team make out?

REI "Black Friday" #optoutside video

REI #OptOutside "Black Friday"

I voiced one of the reporters in this ground-breaking video which announced the REI's decision to close their retail stores the day after Thanksgiving, enabling staff and others to #optoutside.

VainGlory MOBA Game for iOS - "Blackfeather the Assassin"

Vainglory: Blackfeather

Harkening to some of the classic single sword-swinging assassins of cinema, Blackfeather joined the ranks of player-characters for this multiplayer online battle arena game and I couldn't have had more fun bringing him to life.

Narrator National Developer's Conference Keynote video - Samsung "Voice of the Body 2.0"

Voice of The Body 2.0 from ATOMIC D on Vimeo.

Inspirational narration to kick off the conference.

Television/Radio Campaign - Brocade "Learning to Speak Network Status Quo" campaign

Brocade TheWalkingDebt JimEdgarVO from Jim Edgar on Vimeo.

One of several television and radio ads which ran from this campaign. This one still makes me laugh the most.

Regional Radio Commercial Character - Levi's Stadium Talking Scoreboard

During the summer of 2014, I voiced the Talking Scoreboard through the campaign for the new Levi's Stadium serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula.

Leapfrog and LeapTV Recurring Learning Main Character - "Quigley the Robot"

Leapfrog: Quigley the Robot

Introduced with the Letter Machine Rescue Team learning games on Leap TV, this energetic, entirely upbeat and eternally enthusiastic robot has continued to appear on new adventures!

AnkiDrive - "Shadow-X"

AnkiDrive: Shadow-X

Cool hardware uses artificial intelligence to operate cars with character on a track system. Operated by an iOS app, you compete against increasingly tricky opponents. Shadow-X had a lot of attitude and taunts! (I also voiced "Crashbot" - a training assistant (it's impolite to use the term 'Dummy'!) while you were learning the ropes.

Elevate! iOS app - Various game and quiz characters
UPDATE - Winner of the 2014 "App of the Year" award from Apple!

E-Learning Narration - Merrill Lynch - "Understanding Annuities"

E-Learning Narration - Customer Information Security - "Protecting Customer Information"

Narrator - Medtronic Procedural Instructional video - "NC Euphora"

Web Radio Play Main Character - O'Malley's Media Storm
UPDATE - My performance won the Pendy Award - "Best Actor in a Seminar Short"!

Visa International - Internal Security Instructional Modules

Sales Meeting keynote - Medtronic Device Intro video

Instructional Safety Video Main Character - Automotive Lift Safety

Radio Commercial Character - Sports Color Announcer "Basket Pong" - Conoco Phillips

Learning Software Main Character - "Quigley the Robot" - Leapfrog "Frog Family"

Video Game - "Emerald Theater" - Bartender / Narrator

Emerald Theater: Holographic Bartender

Great working with this creative team for this laconic - and holographic - mostly helpful bartender in this multi-layered hidden puzzle game.

E-Learning Narration - ACS "Understanding Interests"

E-Learning Narration - SunGard Internal Controls video

Video Game - "Psych: The Game" - Captain Lassiter and others

Video Game - "SGN - Bingo" - Australian voice

Technical Product Reference Narration - JVC Corp. IP Security Product Instructional

Financial Narration - Miles Capital - "Insurance Asset Management" web presentation

Retro Announcer Tag - Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball TV/web ad

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball

Got to roll out my "Retro Announcer" character for this project.

E-Learning Narration - "Succession Planning Overview"

Instructional: Technical Operations Manual - Nippon Instruments MA3000

E-Learning Narration - ACS "Defining the Project"

Company Services Video Narration - Securitas Protection Services

Technical Product Reference Narration - Cineflex Camera Systems

Product Introduction Video Character - Oracle Endeca - "VP of Sales"

E-Learning Narration - "MIG Software Architecture"

Video Game - SimCity (released 2013) - "Sim" residents of SimCity: many and varied

E-Learning Narration - Sungard - "Cloud Application Options"

Long Form E-Learning Series - Online Learning modules for Autodesk software'

Video Narration - Autodesk - "Autodesk Vault Pro Software"

Radio Commercial Character - "Upbeat Depressed Man" - Identity Guard

Video Game Evil Character - Alcatraz: 1954 - "Birdman of Alcatraz"

Alcatraz 1954: Birdman of Alcatraz

Yes, I'm behind bars here. This is not your polite, Burt Lancaster version. The designers went very creepy and at times threatening with this reasonably unhinged character.

Video Game Player Character - Jewell Quest: The Sapphire Dragon - "Solomon"

Jewell Quest: The Sapphire Dragon - Cast of Characters

One of my first player-character roles - I'm the guy on the left with the tool belt.

E-Learning Narration - ACS - "The ACS and You" online learning module

"Nascar PC" - Regional Radio Advertisment Character - Support.com

Announcer - Car Care Club of America - "Be Car Care Aware" National Banquet
Be Car Care Aware Banquet 2011

Training Video Character - SYP Deloitte in-house project
Man with IT problem

Video Game Main Player Character - "Jewell Quest Adventure"

Video Narration - Autodesk - "Autodesk Vault Software"
informational video

Autodesk Vault Software video

Web video Narration - CPG.org - "Welcome"
front end website video

CPG.org Video Tour

Web video Narration - FireEye.com - "Threat Landscape" front end website video

The New Threat Landscape

E-Learning Narration - ACS - "Managing Project Effectively" & "Running Productive Meetings" online learning modules

Experimental Dad - Exploratorium San Francisco - radio advertisement

Stressed Boss - Hitachi Network Software animated video

Enthusiastic Lottery Winner - Savemart - "Summer Race Series Contest" radio advertisement

Customer Service Scenarios (various "real person" roles) - Wells Fargo - Internal Training Video

Ticket Hawker - Dex.com - "Finding Things Quickly"
radio advertisement

Real Person Conversational Testimonial - "Eisenhower Health of Palm Springs"
radio advertisement

Stressed Boss and Head IT Manager - Hitachi Network Software
animated video

Historical Character - "Fort McHenry History Project" National Park Service
installation video

Medical Narration - "Lung Function and Reaction to Stimuli"

Player Character for video game "Tomb Exploration" Alpha version

Guardians of Magic: Amanda's Awakening
"Dr. Magus" evil scientist in "Guardians of Magic: Amanda's Awakening" video game

Head IT Manager - Hitachi Software animated video

iPhone Video Game app supporting roles "N.O.V.A."

Private Investor's Resource Company - Narration for Company History and Prospectus

Helicopter Flight Instructor - iPhone game app "Comanche Helicopter"

Stressed Boss and Head IT Manager - Hitachi Software Rollout animated video

10 West At Westmoor in Denver - Upscale Retail/Commercial Property Promotional video for Prospective Tenants and Companies - Narrator

Online Game Applet - "Don't Get Burned Online" - Lead Surfer Dude

"Three Hoots Winery - Keeping the Natural Balance with Barn Owls" - Narrator for Video

John Muir Health - "Expect Life" television ad
(same version on blog)

eLearning Module - One Stop Career Counseling - "Green Jobs"

John Muir Health - "Expect Life: Hot Rod" radio ad

John Muir Health - "Expect Life: Beach" radio ad

"High Museum. Atlanta GA - Leonardo Da Vinci Family Tour" -
Supporting characters

Voicetrax "LA Idol" Competition Finalist - September 2009

"National Palace Museum Audiotour, Taipei Taiwan -
Yongzheng Emperor
" - Audiotour narration

"Accenture: Information Security Risks" - Training Video


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